About OrthoExpress

OrthoExpress is a walk-in clinic offering immediate access to healthcare providers who specialize in orthopedic injury care. We are open 7 days a week with no appointment necessary. We provide expert orthopedic injury treatment without the waiting or expenses of an emergency room visit.

Many times, the ER will refer you to orthopedic experts. You can avoid both the wait at the ER and wait for a referral appointment by coming to OrthoExpress Urgent Care first.

Unlike other urgent care clinics in central Alabama, OrthoExpress focuses on being a gateway to specialized orthopedic care, rather than being an extension of a physician practice.

Patients need a fast diagnosis and treatment for orthopedic pain and injuries. We have seen that patients also need access to orthopedic specialists when most injuries occur, which is most often during the weekends and in the late afternoon after work and after school. So that is when we are here to help.

OrthoExpress Urgent Care can help when trying to decide if your pain needs immediate or more complex treatment like surgery or advanced imaging. The Orthopedic specialists at OrthoExpress can treat immediate orthopedic pain and injuries such as broken bones, ankle sprains, and shoulder dislocations and we will help expedite our patient’s care to another specialist or service when additional treatment is required.


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ER vs Urgent Care