About OrthoExpress

OrthoExpress is a walk-in clinic offering immediate access to orthopedic providers. We are open 7 days a week with no appointment necessary. We provide expert orthopedic treatment without the time or expense of an ER visit.

The ER will refer you to orthopedic experts. You avoid both the wait at the ER and wait for a referral appointment by coming to OrthoExpress first.

Unlike other urgent care facilities around the market, OrthoExpress focuses on being a convenience to the patient by being a gateway to care, rather than being an extension of a physician practice.

Patients are looking for diagnoses of their injury and trying to decide if it needs immediate or more complex treatment like surgery or advanced imaging.

OrthoExpress will treat immediate injuries and help expedite their care to another specialist or service when additional treatment is required.


3 days ago
Orthopedic Urgent Care - @OrthoExpressAL Low Cost, Less Wait, Specialized Orthopedic Injury Care.
104 Chelsea point Dr. Chelsea, AL, 35043 https://t.co/qAOQsSSaeP
3 days ago
Look forward to a fun and festive Saturday in City of Chelsea, Alabama https://t.co/MKvjBXZXgG
OrthoExpress will be nearby for parade participants and spectators with finger jams from grabbing up all the candy! We are open Saturday and Sunday 1-6 pm.

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