How is OrthoExpress different?

OrthoExpress is a free-standing and independent Orthopedic Urgent Care Clinic. It’s the first clinic of its kind in the Alabama market. OrthoExpress offers urgent care specifically for orthopedic injuries. We are staffed by orthopedic specialists and offer extended hours. We are open 7 days a week and accept all walk-ins.

Why should I choose OrthoExpress over the Emergency Room?

Simply put, choosing OrthoExpress over an emergency room will save you time and money.

FACT: 160 million patients seek out urgent care each year, almost 1/3 of those patients will require orthopedic care who are then referred to the local emergency room only to be redirected to a specialist following a long and expensive visit.

At OrthoExpress, you will have immediate access to an orthopedic specialist while paying the same rate as regular specialty doctor appointment. We know that breaks can’t wait to be treated and no one should have to while suffering in pain.


Do you accept Insurance and self pay?

Yes! We strive to be in-network with all major insurance carriers as well as having clear, transparent pricing for self-pay patients.

Will we be charged a facility fee?

You will not be charged a facility fee. OrthoExpress accepts all major insurances and will only take your specialty copay.

Do I need to make an appointment?

An appointment is not necessary. OrthoExpress is a walk-in clinic offering immediate access to orthopedic providers. Please contact us by using the link below to notify our provide that you’re on your way.

What is the typical wait time at OrthoExpress?

The average wait time for a visit with OrthoExpress is 12 minutes, while the average wait time for an ER Visit in Birmingham (1) is currently 30.67 minutes.