When an athlete suffers a concussion, post-injury neurocognitive testing and comprehensive care are crucial.

The word ‘concussion’ often creates a visual image of a football player subjected to a hard hit unsteadily walking to the sidelines.

Concussions can occur in any sport or physical activity. As children and athletes of all ages are playing longer and harder and we all are moving faster than ever before, the potential for concussions (classified as mild traumatic brain injuries), continues to increase.

Concussion Management for All

Head injuries are not limited to contact sports. Consider gymnastics, biking, a car accident, or even falling from a ladder at home or on the job.

Fortunately, OrthoExpress Urgent Care’s primary provider, Caleb Gray is a Concussion Specialists and Credentialed ImPACT Consultant. With proper management and careful return to participation plans, the ability to protect the long-term health of athletes is more effective than ever. 

Concussion and Head Injury Testing

Our concussion management provider uses post-injury cognitive scores and identifies specifics areas of cognitive deficits through ImPACT testing. Additional brain function tests may also be conducted to better manage each individual’s unique case.

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