Springtime brings joy to us all as we begin itching to be outside to enjoy the warm air and sunshine, commonly referred to as “Spring Fever.” When the sun comes out and temperatures begin to rise following a dreary winter, everyone is ready for some fun in the warm spring sun.

The spring season brings lots of outdoor activity. From puddle jumping to mud runs, spring training, or fun in the sun during spring break, longer day time equals extra playtime after school and work.

  • Athletes begin a new season with sports tryouts and spring training.
  • Children spend more time out on the playground during recess.
  • Families spend more time together on the weekends at parks and participating in more outdoor activities.
  • Gardens are planted and yard cleanup begins.
  • Weekend warriors begin testing their endurance with running, biking, camping, hiking, and often participating is some sort of race.

“Spring fever” typically kicks into high gear just as soon as the days get a little longer. That happens with the sun goes down later as we spring forward an hour for daylight savings.

This year, daylight savings begins Sunday, March 10.

We all love to take advantage of the great outdoors.  Many people, eager to enjoy the warmer weather, end up injuring themselves while participating in outdoor activities or spring cleaning projects. With spring fever, comes an increased risk for injury.

Spring fever seems harmless but unfortunately, injuries are inevitable. The orthopedic specialists at OrthoExpress Urgent care remind everyone to pay attention to pain. Only you know your body and your limits. But there are preventive measures we can all take to reduce the risk of being sidelined by an orthopedic injury this Spring. Whether you are preparing for spring break fun in the sunshine or are scratching out a honey-do list full of spring cleaning projects, we all face some form of spring fever. Here are a few tips to avoid injuries if you happen to be preparing for your annual spring cleaning.

Tips To Avoid A Spring Cleaning Injury

OrthoExpress Urgent Care wants everyone to have fun in the Spring sun, just be careful to pay attention to your body, stay hydrated, stretch out those muscles, and don’t ignore any new pain that accompanies a new activity.

Cleaning the rain gutters, mowing the lawn, moving furniture or gardening may present injuries. Whether you are participating in outdoor activities or spring cleaning projects, it is best to start off slow. It is important to be mindful of potential injuries, whether you are hitting the pavement for a jog or climbing a ladder to endure a typical yet risky spring cleaning project such as cleaning out the gutters to slapping on a new coat of paint. Always start with stretches to loosen tight muscles and improve your balance. 

  • Stretch – Stretch your arms, back and legs for several minutes before heading out to the garden or before cleaning out your basement or garage. Sprains and muscle stretching injuries to the ligaments connecting the bones can occur.
  • Squat – Avoid bending!  Make sure you are lifting with your legs. It’s important to squat when lifting or moving objects, making a bed or shoveling dirt or mulch. Your hip and thigh muscles are some of the largest and strongest in the body, so put them to work.
  • Lighten your load – Try not to lift more than you can manage – This is when people tend to hurt themselves from losing balance and falling.  By using proper body mechanics, you may prevent a serious hip injury from occurring.
  • Take a break – To avoid repetitive stress injury to your shoulder or elbow, rotate tasks that involve doing the same motions, again and again, such as raking or cleaning out the pool. Briefly rest and stretch in between.
  • Slide and push heavy or awkward objects.
  • Secure and stabilize a ladder before climbing.

Whether you are preparing for Spring Break or you are already itching with Spring Fever, OrthoExpress Urgent Care aims to provide you access to specialized orthopedic injury care close to home and accessible when you need it most. We are open 7 days a week and ready to serve our central Alabama residents with their urgent orthopedic needs.

While located on Highway 280 in the heart of Shelby County, you can walk into OrthoExpress Urgent Care at 104 Chelsea Pointe Dr. Chelsea, Alabama. OrthoExpress aims to serve the surrounding communities of central Alabama and including residents of Birmingham, Chelsea, Childersburg, Columbiana, Leeds, Pell City, Sylacauga, and even Coosa and St. Clair County residents with their urgent orthopedic needs without having to wait for hours in a local ER or wait in pain for days waiting for the next available appointment with their orthopedic provider. When you need medical attention for and orthopedic related injury fast, we are here for you.