A broken wrist or arm injury doesn’t have to stop you from diving in, cooling off or even showering this summer. There are waterproof solutions for arm and wrist injuries that you will find at OrthoExpress. Unlike the ER or local urgent cares, OrthoExpress provides waterproof bracing designed to keep kids and adults as comfortable as possible this summer while they heal from arm and wrist injuries.

When we think about summertime in the South, you may relate the heat and humidity as major factors we tend to deal with. To cool off, we like to turn to some water fun! Places like community pools, and local splash pads, or vacation getaways to the Gulf keep us entertained and cool during the summer heat. Lay Lake, Logan Martin, and the Little Cahaba River run right through “our backyards” and provide endless fun and a cool place to relax and play on the weekends.

Watersport activities and opportunities for swimming and water play such as splash pads and visits to the local amusement park, Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure, provide family fun for all ages… well except for those that have endured an orthopedic injury such as a broken wrist or lower arm (ulna fracture) from a bike riding accident or fall of some kind.

Traditional casting materials can often be uncomfortable, especially in the summertime. When you sweat in the summertime heat, wearing that thick cast can cause it to begin to smell. Traditional casting tape is not waterproof so all water play and even showers become off-limits or at risk for damage to the cast which can hinder the healing process.

While fiberglass and plaster casting have been imperative for healing broken bones, comfort is not a benefit. If breaking your arm wasn’t bad enough, you have to deal with the smell, irritation, and restriction of a cast for six to twelve weeks.

Broken Arm? You Need A Waterproof Cast

OrthoExpress is pleased to offer an alternative casting and bracing system called EXOS. Exos is an adjustable and waterproof solution for the treatment of fractures and other upper extremity injuries that require stabilization. It’s adjustable, removable, waterproof, and more comfortable for the patient.

Exos Upper Extremity Fracture Braces allow patients the ability to continue day-to-day activities such as showering without the stress or fear of getting it wet. The laminate thermal plastics used inside the braces are custom molded to the patient’s arm injury to keep it stable and healing properly. Water will not weaken the stability of an Exos.

3 Key Benefits of Exos

  1. Adjustable – Exos wrist, thumb and arm braces provide fracture bracing and splint support to patients with injuries requiring stabilization by molding it directly to the anatomy for a customizable fit.
  2. Better Hygiene and Convenience – the waterproof properties allow for easy skin and brace hygiene, as well as involvement in water activities.
  3. Removal with No Fear – There is no cast saw required to remove the brace

Exos Waterproof Casting and Bracing

Hopefully, you or your child will never have to use Exos waterproof bracing, but it’s helpful to know the options that OrthoExpress Urgent Care provides for fracture care and treatment of broken bones.

If you’ve used an Exos brace, tell us about your experience in the comment section below.